There are people in this world doing truly heroic things. Saving lives, fighting diseases, keeping us safe, protecting wildlife, trying to save the world.

Standing tall as leaders in an often dark world.

The aim of Noisy Boy Media, the heroic content agency, is to tell these heroic stories; to bring those stories into the light.

Already, we have been commissioned by clients to tellĀ  the stories of paramedics, cancer researchers, police, marine biologists, an eco-warrior architect, neuroscientists, and more.

Noisy Boy Media works with words, video, imagery, or interpretative dance*, as required by clients or as required by the story. We are connected to a tight, committed band of imaginative and experienced writers, videographers, photographers, graphic designers, interviewers, editors and researchers on call, as needed. We like scuba diving for underwater stories, hiking to remote stories, flying in air ambulances to reach stories, hanging out in Emergency Wards at crazy hours to find stories, and we really like buying coffee for interview subjects in cafes.

The aim is to inspire, to salute and to showcase people who deserve to be recognised.

So, enjoy.

Our heroic vow? Anything this agency covers will be amazing. Stay tuned.

Noisy Boy Media, the Heroic Content Agency is a project by Nick Place, a veteran storyteller, a founder of the ground-breaking Australian content company, Media Giants, the founder of Little Big Shots, Australia’s leading international film festival for kids, and an author of crime fiction and children’s fiction.

(* Actually we draw the line before interpretative dance.)