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It’s tough for me to encapsulate everything I do in one image. I create video, I write articles and books, I help with content strategy, I help organisations with their storytelling, communications. I’m a scriptwriter, director and consultant. And I have a fine collection of 1960s Mr Potato Heads.

So I had a crack. This is what I came up with.

The bottom line is: what do you need? I can help.

Didn’t there used to be a different image?

Yes. The previous image, that you. might have seen on a previous visit, was from a story I wrote about the illegal catacombs of Paris.


The shot was of me, Nick Place, coming through the wall into a major room within the illegal catacombs of Paris, about 25 metres under the city’s bed rock. I walked, crawled, waded through water and groped my way through dark patches of the catacombs from 7 pm until roughly 3 am, accompanied by some members of the ‘Cataphiles’, French enthusiasts who hang out in the miles of twisting, unstable catacombs that are officially blocked off to the public and are home to an estimated six million bodies.

I wrote versions of the adventure, along with photos and video, for Royal Auto, the RACV magazine, and Get Lost, Australia’s adventure travel magazine.

”We begin to walk, crouch, crawl and wade through the meandering, unpredictable tunnels. At times, it’s so claustrophobic that you have to push your backpack in front of you, while wriggling on your stomach and elbows. Or crawl.
Our chances of being arrested recede the deeper we go. Which is a relief. Now I only have to worry about becoming lost, or dying. Or both.’

Get Lost, June, 2017.


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