‘Success’, the MYOB podcast: chasing single malt perfection

Screenshot 2018-04-16 18.47.15
Whisky maestro David Vitale. (Pic Time Out)

Talk about your labour of love! I recently got to interview David Vitale, the founder of New World Projects, at his Port Melbourne distillery. 

David’s Starward single malt whisky (wine cask), made locally and priced well under $100, is my straight-up favourite drink in terms of price-for-quality and runs close for my all-time favourite in terms of delicious flavour*

So I was excited to meet and interview David for the Success podcast I hosted for MYOB software, in this episode exploring the concept of success as a search for perfection.

Screenshot 2018-04-16 18.44.12
A thing of beauty: Starward’s wine cask matured single malt whisky.

David’s individual story is fascinating but his determination to keep Starward whiskies affordable while capable of picking up major awards is also brilliant business.

Have a listen. I reckon he was a very entertaining guest.

* Sullivan’s Cove American Oak, from Tasmania, probably shades Starward wine cask for flavour, in my humble opinion, but costs roughly $400 a bottle, having just won world’s best whisky honours. In other words: they’re both awesome.





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