Brendan Condon

This inspiring green entrepreneur went from being a teenager constantly arrested, years ago, for protesting over the proposed Franklin Dam to the powerhouse behind The Cape, Victoria’s most remarkable, six-star coastal housing development, currently being sold and built.

Screenshot 2017-06-04 22.39.23
The Cape is a game-changer for housing developments.

His theory was if you can’t stop them, beat them, and he has devoted his life to creating better materials, building methods and harnessing technology to make his new houses carbon neutral, fossil fuel free and with an annual power bill 85 per cent less than a standard house. plus the development is already using rainwater tanks and enthusiastic gardening skills to produce more vegetables than the town of Cape Paterson probably knows what to do with.

He told me: ‘Ten years ago, to create these houses, we would have had to subsidise them, but now they are ultra high performance and at a lower cost than a “normal house”. There has been a “ships in the night” moment. In 20 years’ time, when others are paying eight thousand dollars a year difference in running costs, the resale on our houses will be even better.’

Brendan is truly an original thinker, and a man who makes remarkable things happen. I loved interviewing him (for Royal Auto magazine) and have been following his exploits ever since.


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