Thunderstorm asthma

Ambulance Victoria hired me to create a short documentary about the day that thunderstorm asthma swept the Melbourne and Geelong region, creating one of the most challenging days in paramedic history.

Screenshot 2017-06-26 15.01.44.png
A screenshot from the documentary, ‘Thunderstorm Asthma’.

It was an astonishing story, and I loved sitting down with the paramedics who had been out there, on the day, desperately battling this mysterious, pretty much unknown, invisible disease that randomly struck down non-asthmatics across the state.

The paramedics saved so many lives that day, working tirelessly and with amazing problem-solving skills under intense pressure, and it was an honour to bring their stories to the documentary.

Cameraman/editor Luke Goodall did a fantastic job as well, making it happen.

The documentary was screened at the induction service for new paramedics at the start of 2017, with two core messages: you don’t know what any day will bring in this job, and Ambulance Victoria’s teamwork and poise under pressure is core to its success.


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