Saluting sporting heroes

Screenshot 2017-06-26 14.48.42
King Wally

For several years, the National Sports Museum – housed within the Melbourne Cricket Ground – has asked me to provide scripts for packages celebrating new entrants to the AFL Hall of Fame, and in 2016, I even branched out to salute Wally Lewis in the wider Hall of Fame.

It’s a great gig. I get to research and then really try to write the pants off scripts for heroes including Tony Lockett, Royce Hart (a personal favourite, being a Tiger), and more.

You can see the videos if you visit the NSM. It’s worth it. The museum is really great and looks so spectacular that, at Media Giants, we shot a web series there for two years, because the backdrop was so good.

Screenshot 2017-06-26 14.48.17
AFL Legend Tony Lockett


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