Fighting cancer at the ONJ institute

Screenshot 2017-06-29 16.57.08
Dr Belinda Yeo

My business is all about meeting inspiring people doing work that will help the world, so sitting down with a bunch of the scientists, researchers and professors at the Olivia Newton John Cancer Research Institute, so that I could craft profiles for the institute’s annual report, was right up my alley.

I interviewed Dr Belinda Yeo, Professor John Mariadason, Professor Robin Anderson, PhD student Janson Tse, and Dr Miles Andrews, now based in Texas, to discuss their research, how it affects patients and where the institute’s work is hoping to go in the near future.

Screenshot 2017-06-29 16.56.46
Professor John Mariadason

From Professor Mariadason telling me about the 80 or so colon cancer strains that he has living in Petri dishes in his lab, to Dr Belinda Yeo explaining how she works between the lab and the clinic to meaningfully bring the latest cancer fighting weapons to her breast cancer patients, it was inspiring and difficult subject matter.

Huge strides are being made against the various genetic mutations that are bracketed as ‘cancer’ and the ONJCRI is on the cutting edge of future treatments. Having just lost a close friend to an aggressive cancer, it’s very easy to barrack for their success.





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