The march of the spider crabs

For ‘Royal Auto’ magazine, I recently covered a fun story about the mysterious marching spider crabs of Port Phillip Bay.

Screenshot 2017-06-29 17.54.18.png
Spider crabs forming one of their mysterious mountains in the shallows of Port Phillip Bay.

Every year, these large, forbidding looking crabs come together to form crab mountains in five metres of water or so, around Blairgowrie and Rye. It’s a unique phenomenon that still has scientists confused as to why, and guessing as to when and where it will happen each year.

I chatted with the very enthusiastic and media savvy marina biologist Sheree Marris and vowed that I was going to join her underwater to see the crabs for myself. Then it happened while I was in Korea and I missed it. Dammnit.

Here’s the story.

and check out Sheree’s Instagram video of the actual march when it happened here.



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