Talking sex with Naomi

I recently launched a new, original site, Giants Among Men, which is aimed at guys aged 45-60. The majority of my everyday work is for clients, obviously, but this is a site that I’ve hoped to create for a long time, with a strong purpose. The idea of GiantsAmongMen is to be aspirational – to plug into the fact that men in that age bracket should hopefully have 30 or 40 or more years left on the planet, probably in quite good health given medical advances, and therefore can achieve a lot and should be looking for new adventures, skills and achievements, not ‘changing down’ and getting ready to don a cardigan in an easy chair, for retirement. (Having taken up competitive ice hockey at the age of 45, despite having never skating before making that decision, it’s something I feel passionate about.)

The site is hopefully going to be fun and exciting and very readable, while also not shying away from the hard stuff that tends to happen in that age group as well. Relationships ending, parents dying, careers lurching, financial headaches, personal health issues, struggles with being a father to adult or new children, the list goes on. Offering support and great advice to men suffering these and other issues is really the slightly secret driving force behind the site. I’d like it to save lives and I’m really hoping it works. At the moment, it’s a love project, with no income stream, but a group of us are determined to make it fly.

Dr Naomi had great advice for guys struggling with a lack of heat in their long term relationship.

One of the first interviews I conducted for GiantsAmongMen was with Dr Naomi Stekelenburg, a Queensland academic, who specialises in studying the sex lives, or potentially the lack thereof, of Australian men. We spoke about the guys who have been with the same partner or wife for decades but no longer have sex, and whether they are okay with that, or not, and what to do about it, if this is something they struggle with.

It was a fascinating interview and hopefully of tangible benefit to the GiantsAmongMen audience as it grows, assuming it hopefully grows.

The article is here.

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