Professor Phil Beart

I had the honour of interviewing one of Australia’s most decorated and highly accomplished scientists, Prof Phil Beart, for the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health’s annual report.

The Florey annual report spread on Prof Phil Beart.

It was a lot of fun. A step away from 70 years old, Prof Beart has the energy and mental curiosity of a much younger man, and I could barely keep up as he flew from topic to topic, science strand to science strand and discovery to discovery.

Amazingly, given his long list of research discoveries, more than 250 scientific publications and more than 8000 citations in other people’s papers, Phil is now fascinated by super foods at a molecular level. He has lately been exploring what exactly it is in so-called super foods that affect the brain, and his findings are starting to make waves. He also, sort of by accident on a Friday afternoon, stumbled on how to reverse the effects of an ecstasy overdose, and then moved on.

I’m now taking daily doses of three separate natural tablets because of his impassioned pitch.


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