Dr Natalia Egorova

Screenshot 2017-07-13 15.55.46
Dr Natalia Egorova is a cheesemaker who speaks five languages when not being a leading scientist

From far-eastern Russia, Dr Natalia Egorova is now based at the Florey Institute’s Heidelberg campus, within the Austin Hospital. She’s in the early stages of a major piece of work looking at whether stroke victims may suffer depression because of general damage to the brain, as against the local specific trauma of the stroke affecting the functions of the exact part of the brain where it occurred. The next question will be whether strokes also might lead to dementia, through this general damage?

I interviewed Dr Egorova for the Florey’s annual report, where we discussed everything from her work to the fact she speaks five languages to the cheese she and her husband like to make in their spare time.



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