The luckiest guy in Gippsland

I recently covered an astonishing story of medical brilliance, taking in the Florey Institute, the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Latrobe Regional Hospital.

When a young footballer, Damian (above, being licked), collapsed with a major stroke at the end of footy training, it should have meant he would spend the rest of his life receiving rehab and struggling to overcome the symptoms of such significant brain trauma.

Well, five years ago, that would have been the outcome. But now, thanks to new technology, including a kind of fancy medical version of Skype, hooking regional hospitals into neuroscience experts for real-time diagnostic assistance, as well as new clot-busting drugs and even a sophisticated medical vacuum cleaner that can go into a blocked vein and suck out a blockage, Damian walked out of hospital without any side effect. Three weeks later was looking to getting minor hole-in-heart surgery completed so he could get back to playing footy.

How much do I love covering a story like that, with such scientific brilliance and a happy ending?

The Florey Institute’s Professor Christopher Bladin has been leading the development of the tele-medicine trolleys that enable sophisticated diagnoses via video-link.

You can read the full story here.

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