Revving it up in Bairnsdale

One of the most fun parts of my work is diving into completely foreign worlds and asking a lot of questions of people about their passions.

On assignment, at the Bairnsdale Motorsport Complex.

Recently, I was sent on assignment by Royal Auto to cover the Bairnsdale skidding scene, which is the name for when drivers bag the living crap out of their back wheels, creating massive clouds of smoke and burning tyre shrapnel as they hang donuts, burnouts and 360s, usually while waving their hands out the window of the car.

It is a crazy sub-culture I had no idea about but it was a lot of fun to spend a few days checking out, and the story is actually about how the Bairnsdale organisers, including the local highway patrol police, believe skidding saves lives.

It’s a kind of revved up off-shoot of the award-winning ‘Impact’ series and is being published early next year in Royal Auto.

For fun, I cut the video below to give a taste of it.



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