‘Success’, the MYOB podcast: funny boys edition

I recently hosted ‘Success’ – a series of podcasts for MYOB, where we spoke to entrepreneurs and business people about how they define success, and the lessons, traps, hurdles, landmines, wins, leg-ups, tea-leaf readings or whatever else has helped and hindered their personal search for success.

The entire series is here, but I thought I’d give a shout-out to Goodall & Gallagher, two young YouTube rising stars who appear in the ‘Success is doing what you love‘ episode.

I’ve worked with Luke Goodall on other Noisy Boy work, and followed his progress as a YouTube comedian for a while now. It was fun to meet again in the MYOB world, chat about the business side of it all, and to meet his partner in crazy adventures, Marc Gallagher.

Here’s ‘Success’ with Goodall & Gallagher.

(Producer: James McGrath, Executive Producer Stefanie Di Trocchio)

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