Vroom vroom

I’d been wanting to meet Jacinta Siracusa for a while. She’s a kick-arse motorcycle enthusiast with a strong Instagram game (moto_doll) and a fresh and vibrant take on life.

┬áRoyal Auto mag commissioning a piece on the pros and cons of motorcycle commuting was the perfect excuse to finally interview Jacinta, who also posed for the photos. (Plus, I opportunisically door-stopped a scooter-rider on St Kilda Road who assumed my request for an interview was a dodgy pick-up move, right up, I think, until the interview finished … so that was awkward.)

Nevertheless, by the time I was done, this was one of those articles where I submitted it and thought about marching straight out to buy a motorbike, or at least a Vespa.

But I think I’ll keep pedalling for now.

You can read the article here.

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