A year-long project: Anelia’s story

Anelia Myburgh suffered a rare and aggressive bone cancer that saw her forced to have her entire upper jaw removed. Basically, everything under her nose was gone.

It left her disfigured, depressed and all but housebound because of self-consciousness.

Luckily, she is an amazingly strong and resourceful woman, who decided her life, and her face, was not going to stay that way.

She went and found a passionate and creative surgeon called George Dimitroulis.

I was lucky enough to be hired by the Epworth Hospital to spend a year, off and on, following Anelia’s story. It was one of my most rewarding jobs and I can’t thank former Epworth comms manager Colleen Coghlan, George and everybody else at the Epworth, for allowing me the space and freedom to tell the story in my own way.

Thanks also to Dan Mellios and Sylvain Grolleau for the camerawork.

And the biggest thanks of all to Anelia, for being so honest and so generous at such a fraught time in her life.

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