The good news about the NDIS

Over the past year, I’ve worked closely with Alfred Health to tell the story of implementing the NDIS.

As well as creating a communications strategy and media plan, I created content for both patients who might require – and are trying to understand – the new disability insurance scheme, and also Alfred staff and practitioners who are needing to learn new systems, new ways of funding and operating services and even new terminology and language as the scheme settles in.

Screenshot 2019-05-01 16.59.44.png
Introducing Alfred Health clients to the NDIS, trying to help them make sense of it, and highlighting the services The Alfred can provide.

The NDIS has had a lot of bad press, some of which has merit, but it is also starting to make a difference to peoples’ lives, as it was intended, and so I’ve worked to create brochures, websites, an intranet portal, articles and videos that tell stories of The Alfred doing great work with the NDIS.

It was really fantastic to be embraced by the high-performance communications and media team at Alfred Health, as well as the leadership at both The Alfred and Caulfield hospitals, the prosthetics department, Waiora Clinic community mental health service,  and other specific areas of health delivery.

I’m proud of the content we were able to create and really hope it will make the unhappy job of navigating through the NDIS system an easier one for those patients or families tapping into Alfred Health’s resources.



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