Looking to make a difference

As 2022 hits the home stretch, I’m excited to be meeting new clients who need my help. As ever, my aim is to use my storytelling skills to help tell and spread the impact narratives of Not For Profit organisations, philanthropic groups, medical researchers and others looking to make the world a better place. I’m also doing some strategy work, looking into future needs for disadvantaged groups within the community.

I have spent the last few years working in social media and marketing, developing a deep understanding of the various social platforms and pure digital ‘socials’ storytelling, to go along with my four decades of journalism, editing, video production and other more traditional media skills.

(I also co-wrote a book, Stalin’s Wine Cellar, that became a double-best-seller in The Australian market and has been sold internationally, so that was fun.)

This week I’m starting September by attending Philanthropy Australia’s conference in Sydney, to listen, to meet people, to find out where marketing and communications can help the organisations who need the world to know the work they’re doing. It’s going to be fun.

If you’re there, please come and say hello.

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