Strategic thinking

Recently, I was fortunate to be asked by The Newsboys Foundation to prepare a strategy paper, looking at where areas of need may lie for philanthropic assistance beyond their current activities.

It was a fascinating challenge, to examine where young Victorians may be struggling, in the city and in regional areas; where the greatest challenges lie, and how Newsboys might be able to help.

The trickiest part was finding any potential holes in Newsboys’ current offering, because the Foundation does fantastic work, offering funding, contacts, expertise and more to a wide variety of charities dedicated to making the lives of young people better.

Issues facing young people include deeply personal anxieties, and global threats, led by climate change.

I had recently attended the Philanthropy Australia conference in Sydney, where there was a lot of intense discussion regarding giving, mission statements, risk v stability as a philanthropic fund, and other such topics, so I was able to summarise some of that discussion for the Newsboys Foundation Board.

Overall, it was deeply satisfying to step beyond my usual impact storytelling; to take a wider, helicopter view of this philanthropic world, and I appreciate Sandy Shaw at Newsboys having the faith in me to set me out on the mission.

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